BS2 Therapy Rooms

Helping you with a fresh start


BS2 Therapy Rooms are based in the heart of St Pauls, the cultural district of Bristol.

What we offer

We offer a variety of treatments from therapeutic massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Facials, Body treatments, Waxing, Talking therapies, Body Psychotherapy, Energy healing, accredited Counselling as well as providing space to rent for small workshops, Yoga and Shiatsu 121 sessions.

Location and history

Renowned for the richness of its historical immigrant past and present, the therapy rooms are within a mile of Cabot Circus, Bristol’s exclusive shopping quarter as well as close to the M32 motorway, which is the pipeline for people arriving in Bristol via the motorway.

Portland square which is close to Cabot Circus, has a historical quaintness about it with its Georgian artitecture and central garden area which is open to all.

Historically, Wilder Street, at the end of Grosvenor Road, has always been seen as the bohemian vibrant area of Bristol and is home to the annual St. Pauls Carnival.

Music, food and diversity has always attracted people from far and wide to experience the area which to this day, still attracts people of all races and cultures.