Membership rates and terms

One off rental

Terms: no registrations fees/no key (Lana will meet you to let you into the building)


Terms and further info for all 3 memberships

  • £30 registration fee
  • £20 deposit for key to access building (Key is left in a key code box)
  • Extra hours billed monthly
  • You will gain access to the booking system after the contract is signed and proof of qualifications are offered
  • There is no limit to the amount of rental hours
  • PRIORITY goes to therapists who are on FIXED HOURS membership. I.e. if you are on FLEXIBLE HOURS membership with a monthly booking and using all the 4 hours in one slot and another therapist on FIXED HOURS membership and wants that slot, we will need to find another slot for your bookings
  • Your profile will be included on the website

Pay as You Go Membership

Perfect if you’re finding your feet

– £13/hr
Terms: Unlimited hours, anytime use

Flexi 4 Hour Membership 

If you have at least 1 regular client

– £44 monthly (£11/h)
– Then unlimited hours at – £8.75/h
Terms: 4 hours per month, use hours  anytime

Fixed Hours Membership

For a busier practitioner who wants set hours

– £90 monthly (£7.50/h)
– Then unlimited hours at £8.75/h 
Terms: 3 or more consecutive hours weekly (12hrs a month, same day/same time)

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